About the #SynbioFestival

Join us at the iGEM Synbio Festival, a hybrid (remote and in-person) celebration of synthetic biology that unites students, researchers, and bioenthusiasts. This festival offers enriching experiences, networking opportunities, and insightful discussions on Synthetic Biology, exploring how this field can shape a better future for Latin America and Ibero-America.

This event is hosted by the iGEM Foundation in collaboration with the Mexican Government through the National Institute of Genomic Medicine (INMEGEN).

About iGEM Design League

The iGEM Design League is a competition that enables Latin American students to #DesignWithBiology, proposing solutions within a synthetic biology framework.

After two years of remote gatherings, we are thrilled to host our first in-person event to celebrate the achievements of our iGEM Design League 2023 teams.

This event is not just a celebration of our teams' remarkable achievements; it's also a unique opportunity to engage further with the iGEM Design League community and its participants from 2021, 2022, and 2023.



You must know this before applying for a ticket.

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About INMEGEN - The venue

As our host and collaborator, INMEGEN stands as one of Mexico's most prestigious institutes, contributing significantly to scientific knowledge. It nurtures local talent poised to shape the future of genomic medicine in Mexico, while also being a leader in its dissemination.




Day 1 December 7

Opportunities in the Synthetic Biology industry

7 Dec - 09:30 hrs
Auditorium, youtube.
Discussion with leaders of synthetic biology companies that will explore the challenges and opportunities in the industry for future biological engineers.

#iDL2023 Team Presentations Group 1

7 Dec - 10:30 hrs
Auditorium, youtube.
First block of 5-minute presentations on the projects participating in the competition. Final schedule to be defined.

#iDL2023 Team Presentations Group 2

7 Dec - 12:20 hrs
Auditorium, youtube.
Second block of 5-minute presentations on the projects participating in the competition. Final schedule to be defined.

How is synthetic biology shaping the bioeconomy in Ibero-America?

7 Dec - 15:00 hrs
Auditorium, youtube.

Hybrid discussion with representatives of associations and startups promoting synthetic biology in Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and Argentina

Contemporary challenges for synthetic biology

7 Dec - 16:10 hrs
Session in Spanish 
Auditorium, youtube.
Discussion with researchers from INMEGEN on the intersection of genomic research and synthetic biology.

Networking Session

7 Dec - 17:15 hrs
Join us for curated activities designed to enhance your interactions with fellow attendees, forge new connections, and delve into the possibilities of synthetic biology.

Day 2 December 8

Modularity of Interaction Networks in Synthetic Biology practical-computational

8 Dec - 10:00 hrs.
Classroom 1, in person.
Instructor: Aarón Vázquez Jiménez, INMEGEN.
Registration required. 45 spots.

Maverick BioMetals, how to start a startup in synthetic biology

8 Dec - 10:00 hrs
Auditorium, youtube.
Instructor: Eric Herrera, Maverick BioMetals.
Registration required. 80 spots.

iGEM's role in building a sustainable and responsible bioeconomy

8 Dec - 11:30 hrs
Auditorium, youtube.
Discussion with iGEMers about the opportunities offered by the iGEM Foundation's programs for professional development in the area of synthetic biology

Lecture and fireside chat with Marilene Pavan, Lanzatech

8 Dec -12:30 hrs
Auditorium, youtube.

Plenary lecture and interview with Marilene Pavan, Director of Synthetic Biology Strategy at Lanzatech.


 iGEM Design League 2023 Award Ceremony

  8 Dec - 15:30 hrs  
Auditorium, youtube.
Ceremony at which the winners of the various awards and recognitions of the competition will be announced. 


This are the great minds you will meet at the festival:


Thanks to our collaboration with INMEGEN, attendance at the event will not have any registration fee. However, there is a process to be followed:

In person & Online ticket

1. Fill out before Dec 4th 23:59 EDT this pre-registration form
2. Wait to receive a formal invitation letter through email
3. Fill out the "confirmation of attendance" form that you received through email (even if you'll participate virtually).


Need inspiration?

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About Mexico City

Being the capital and largest city of Mexico, Mexico City is a vibrant place which holds more scientists per capita then any other city in Mexico!

(*According to the Red Nacional de Consejos y Organismos Estatales de Ciencia y Tecnología - REDNACECYT)



The address to the Synbio Festival venue (INMEGEN) is: Periferico Sur 4809, Arenal Tepepan, Tlalpan, 14610 Ciudad de México

Check the map for more information:


How to get there

Our best recommendation is for you to get there by car.

  • Ride app (Uber, DiDi)
  • Taxi
  • Car (parking available - limited spots)
  • Xomali is the closest Tren Ligero station (20 min walking to INMEGEN). Beware of crossing the road if you choose to walk, there’s a bridge to do it safely!

Traffic considerations

Remember that Mexico City is a very big place, and traffic can be an issue when moving arround. From the Coyoacán and Tlalpan regions, it should take you between 5 and 20 minutes by car to get to the venue, and between 30min and 1h by public transportation. Please keep your transportation time in mind, in order to be on time for the event.


We’d recommend you staying at Hotels, Hostels or Airbnbs in the Coyoacán or Tlalpan areas, for being closer to the event venue. You can also look for accomodations in the South region of the city.

Frida Khalo at her house in Coyoacan, now is a museum

If you’re staying longer...

If you decide to stay a few more days and get to know Mexico City, we recommend you the following:


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